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Sending a greeting card is powerful

So what's so special about sending a card personalized for someone?  First, it takes most people more effort to write a note than send an email or leave a vmail. Second, your customers receive 100s of emails everyday. Only about 3% of the postal mail is personal. If you doubt that, ask yourself how close to a trash can you stand when you open your correspondence? Third, cards & stamps cost money, so there's inherent VALUE beyond an email or phone call. Finally, never underestimate the power of an oldie-but-goodie. They say the classics never go out of style. The personal mailed note/card is a classic that has been around for years and is always appreciated

InsideRight was created to show you how you can economically and efficiently send out personalized greeting cards from the state-of-the-art platform of sendoutcards.

Create yours for as little as 62 cents, no minimum quantity to print

  • Announce a tournament
  • Thank your members
  • Remember member's birthdays
  • Promote your property

InsideRight has been a long-time publisher of greeting cards for the golf industry. Your affiliation with InsideRight will enable you to send unique InsideRight golf greeting cards from your computer.

TRY IT NOW ON US! Click here and select "send a free card" option. It's not required to watch the video first. Send a free card to a friend, family member or business contact by selecting "Step 2"

We've been in the greeting card industry for years and we discovered this great program with unmatched flexibility and pricing. Through Duck Press you can still choose to have an in-store golf greeting card merchandising program that's unmatched. But, for your relationship management needs and business-builiding needs there's nothing like InsideRight's SendOutCards.

Watch this video to get a quick 10 minute overview.

Here's an explanation of the options you have for taking advantage of this phenomenal online greeting card program. Find the one that's right for you and join us in using this exciting marketing platform.

There are 4 ways you can get involved with our sending cards program. Take a look at each and you should start to get a feel for which approach would best meet your needs. Whether you just want a better way to send birthday and Christmas cards or you're looking for a more effective small business marketing strategy than what you've been using, we have a level that is right for you...

Each option is priced differently and comes with different levels of functionality and service. If you contact us to arrange a free trial, I can help you figure out which option would be the best match for your needs, budget and desires.

Here's a quick run-down:
  • A Personal Option. If you simply want to send out cards occasionally to family, friends, and/or business associates, this inexpensive, pay-as-you-go option is probably a good choice. You get to choose from a large catalog of greeting cards and you can customize the messages within. You can also pay a bit more for an upgrade to this personal account, that offers you additional customization features, such as the ability to upload your own graphics and pictures for a truly custom card.
    • Option 1- $2.99 per card (postage included)
    • Option 2- $99.00 (one time fee) Gives you the ability to create the front panel of the card. Provides a full contact manager along with the ability to set up a campaign of cards to go out automatically on the dates you set. Card cost startat $.98 plus postage. Postcards are $.49 plus postage. You can also purchase your own personalized handwriting and signature font for $49.
    • Option 3- $199 (one time fee) Pretty much the same as above except it comes with a newly enhanced picture creator and uploader feature very similar to photo shop but much simpler to use. It also comes with 50 greeting cards or 100 postcardsof your choice.

  • Wholesale/Small Business Option. This is, by far, the best option for saving costs. Plus, you can even add a custom signature font to every card for no additional fee. This option requires a one-time setup fee of $398, which includes 100 greeting cards or 200 postcards & your own handwriting font, the ability to include gifts at wholesale prices, a complete contact manager, the ability to set up card campaigns and the upgraded picture creator and uploader that allows you to upload an unlimited number of photos in your cards. Your future card costs start at 62 cents a card and 31 cents for a postcard.

  • Entrepreneur Option. Whether you just want the service to pay for itself or build a nice residual income for yourself, this may be the option for you. Most of us are only too happy to share a wonderful product or service... so why not get paid a referral fee! Once you start using the customization features in your cards, people will automatically ask you, "How did you do that?" 
    This package is requires the Wholesale/Small Business option plus $59/year.

  • We Do It All Package. With this option, you hire us to manage your customer loyalty/card sending program. From importing all your contacts to sending out the cards for you, we do it all! We can customize any program that suits your needs. Not only that, we can beat the cost of any other program out there. 
    The cost of this premium package? Your choice of any package above plus $.50 per card plus a nominal set up fee.

Please feel free to send us your questions and we'll get your answers back to you as quickly as we can. This is a great way to establish a fun, easy and productive relationship management program that will pay dividends many times over.

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